Offer for Non-proffits

I would like teach your organization CPR


I know you can learn CPR online for $20.00. you watch a video and print your certification. In fact, I have a website you can go to that is free for class and cert. Message me for a link. 

But sometimes you want or need more. 80% of trained nonprofessional responders hesitate or just chose not to assist at all. This is mostly due to fear. Fear of doing it wrong or being sued or god forbid disease transition.  My course covers these fears and eliminates most causes for hesitation. 

Over 80% if all hear attacks accrue in the home. 89% of all accidents accrue within one mile of the home. And almost all nonprofessional medical assistance given my lay responders are to people they know. So I know we not only need to get more people trained but give them the confidence to use their skills to save more lives. 

I would like to train you and or organization. Here is how much I will to train you and your team for $20.00. I do have a few conditions. First, I only honor this discount for staff and members, but I need a commitment of at least 25 students per class. Second, I need everyone to compete and evaluation form with statement testimonial. Third I need referral of others who may need training, so I need a minimum of one additional family member from each student. That’s seems fair enough right?

I will also agree to train nonmembers for $40.00. This helps me with my goal. Training materials cost money and 20.00 Covers my cost for material but not my time so I am taking a loss at this price the goal is to gain more credibility and name recognition to raise money to train more people for no cost. That is right I want to be able to teach these skills for free. To show how much I want your business I will teach a class of 10 students just to prove my quality of material for free. I would still need the evaluation form and referral sheets competed but after you have seen the quality of the training is and what a value you are getting, I know you will join with me in getting the world trained. 

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for life, teach a man to teach others to fish and we can change the world. Let me teach your staff how to teach others. Let’s start and training facility together. Think of the lives we can touch and save together. 

Please let’s get a relationship started. Contact me and let us get together to at least discuss how we can get you and your origination trained.