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I can travel to you in with in 60 minutes of the  West Covina in the San Gabriel Valley, 

Standard and Advanced First Aid Classes


 Standard First Aid class is 2 hours long. $60.00. Advanced First aid is 16 Hours and is $120.00 

Caregiver and Professional CPR Certification


Healthcare Providers and EMS Professionals have a different level of standards and required training  This course is 6 hours and is $220.00


I will come to you with in 60 minutes of West Covina in the

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 This is a 6 hour class  CPR and AED with  Standard First Aid. in small groups may be a shorter but still focused training. I will come to you. Please ass your phone number in the message portion.   

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If  you have questions send us a message. We will get back to you as  soon as possible.

Dr. Lawrance David Mathis PhD

West Covina, CA 91790

To schedule a class I am availble to teach classes Friday and Saturday 0600 to 1800 HOURS. (6am -6pm) Moday and Wednesday evening after 1400 (2pm) call for additional information


Healing services

Reiki Healing and Training


Reiki is energy healing that is just as effective over distance as it is in-person. I can train you live online or in-person.  If you need extra guidance for healing.  You may need to cross many disciplines, I have studied 8 different disciplines of healing and i can guide and train you to help yourself and others  

Spiritual Coach


this is a very personal subject. we form a collaboration relation ship to help you identify and reach goals achieve positive growth and transformation by use of Technics and mantras.  I do not teach Yoga courses but i teach Yoga mantra and philosophy

Spiritual Counseling


 Certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Nero Linguistic Practitioner, and Hypo Therapy, The universe will help us walk you through your tough times and with faith I can show you the way to peace and and serenity

Healing Massage


  Reflexology, Acupressure, Reiki,  sports medicine used to heal you with aroma therapy, palpation, Meridian, pressure points, massage,  energy and love.  

CPR, First Aid, First Time Parent Classes


CPR is just the steping stone for emergency care.  I can tain upto EMT-A level of Emergency Response Care. The First Time Parent classes are wellness classes with first aid and child care education 

Animal Reiki Healing Service


Animals are highly susceptible to Reiki Energy. Healing animals exceeds our recorded information of energy healing in people.